Yamato (Matt)’s Badge of Friendship from Digimon Season one and Digimon: Tri

Ahh… nerdy reference aside, I really wanted to write this huge positivity post about some of my favourite people on this earth. These are people who have truly seen me at my absolute worst – really, I have done truly regrettable things to them – and taken me at my best. They’re the “in the thick of it” kind of people. I just love and seriously appreciate them to pieces.

It’s easy to forget to appreciate people, at least, I know I do. I really cannot see how my life would be. If not for some of these greats, I would not be the person I am today. So I’m especially grateful to God for these amazing people who He has placed in my life.

My husband is my very best friend ever.

Not everyone in the photos will be people who we hung out with today, but they’re people I can fully be myself around. People who don’t judge my sometimes on the nose sense of humour, my vulgar words or my harsh statements. They’re people who know that sometimes my tone and vocabulary don’t match what I mean. They’re people who can take what they dish out.

I’ve tried to guard my heart a lot throughout the years, but again, the things I’ve done to these guys, they have proven they are worthy of being vulnerable. They’re worthy of bearing my all. Other than my family (immediate and nuclear) these guys are people who mean the most to me than anyone in the whole world. Like, really that whole “7 years of friendship” thing, I thought was a bunch of fake news, but when I think about it… that’s not true.

For the sake of privacy I won’t say their names but, on the off chance they read this, I will use initials.

Pardon the silliness

ACL (omg, her initials are Anterior Collateral Ligament LOL) or KACL? She and I go way back to getting bullied by the same girl – who denies it to today, but whatever – and hiding out in washrooms stalls together. We used to run to the back and climb trees together, and as we go older we stopped. I started talking smack about her behind her back. I listened to the lies and the rumours and even spread some myself. And when I came to my senses and apologized, she loved me. She took me back. That is just beyond crazy. And now, I see how she is so full of joy. She is so eager to have fun, and live. She is so happy to just be herself and share who she is, and be real and intentional with me and I just love her so much. Also, thank God for SV, because he is so good to her. He makes her so happy and makes her so fresh. It’s so wonderful for me to see her with someone who breathes life into her already so joyful personality.

LKF LOL WE DATED – kind of, we were like… 13 but he technically asked so we technically… did? – so you can guess what I did. We broke up, and after a while of taking space from each other that friendship mended and I am so happy it did. Cause he is one of the realest most honest people I know. There’s no BS with him. He’s so honest with mw about really whatever I ask him. I know if I need someone to really tell the truth he is someone I trust. And he is not judgmental. I have said some terrible, awful things about people to him and he has just accepted it. I have maybe shocked him, but in the end he just took it as “thats how [I] feel”. I like having people like that around. Honest, true and non judgmental.

Again, pardon the silliness. I don’t know if I have permission to post faces.

AJD we used to have so many sleepovers and we shared so many secrets. I missed her so much in the years that we were apart, but instead of telling her or showing her, I distanced myself. It’s probably one of my biggest regrets. When we got closer again, it just reminded me of why I loved her – and still do. The support she shows to her man as he pursues music, how she genuinely loves his work and wants to share him with the world. The way she is so genuine. Like, you just know what she says and gives, is who she is. There’s no lies, no secrets, no ulterior motives with her. It is so amazing to have someone like that. And RG, is so great for her. And, through her, having him in my life is really great. I have never met someone so truly passionate. I’ve met a lot of people who wanted to share their art and craft, and I support them. But RG, i don’t just support. I really, genuinely believe in him and I want to see him succeed.

finally DLVB – my boy-version. Really. I seriously cannot write enough about him. We have done some awful things to one another. Ranging from backstabbing, ignoring and avoiding, to down right dirty talk. But, ultimately, he has taught me forgiveness and love. He has taught me that, the people who are worth keeping are the people who fight to stay by you. He has taught me the real meaning of through thick and thin. He has showed me that people change and friends drift, but if you care about someone and want them around, you’ll put in your effort to make that work.

These are just the people I hung out with today, but there are so many more I can and will speak about. I think the common factor for these guys is I’ve known them since the ages of 4, 11, 9 and 4 respectively. There REP and YAJ but, I think I’ll save it for another time.

I guess I write this to remind myself, there are people who are absolutely worth my effort. People who earned my trust and I will continually work for theirs, whether I have it or not.

So here’s to friendships and here’s to love.

God Bless
w/ love


p.s. next post gets kind of raw so…

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